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Precision casting - process flow

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Precision casting - process flow

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Precision casting process: precision foundry

Pressure wax (shoot wax wax models) - repairing wax, wax inspection group - tree (la module tree) - shell making (first moistening slurry, spray sand, pulp, the final mould shell with air drying) - dewaxing (steam dewaxing) -- - casting mold shell roasting - elasticity analysis (within the shell mould casting molten steel) -- - casting and casting rod cutting vibration exuviate separation - mill gate - test (MAO embryo screening) -- - the shotblast cleaning machine, polishing, finished goods inspection, warehousing.

Casting process is generally like this in general can be divided into pressure wax, shell, pouring, post-treatment, inspection.

1. Pressure wax including (pressure wax, repair wax, set up the tree) : pressure wax --- using the pressure wax machine to make wax mold;

Wax repair --- to modify the wax mold;

Group tree --- the wax mold for group tree.

2. Shell making includes hanging sand, hanging pulp and air drying;

3. Casting includes (roasting, chemical analysis is also called spectrum, casting, shell, cutting gate, grinding gate);

4. Post-treatment includes (sandblasting, shot blasting, correction and pickling);

5. Inspection includes (wax inspection, preliminary inspection, middle inspection and finished product inspection).

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