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Cast a modern town with scientific development

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Cast a modern town with scientific development

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Precision casting adhere to the people-oriented, set up a comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable concept of urban development, build a harmonious, inclusive, livable and happy town, is the right choice.

In the new era of city-oriented development, we should consciously follow the guidance of the scientific outlook on development and improve the level of urban development in an all-round way.Urban development is also a double-edged sword.It can not only promote economic and social development, but also bring "urban disease".Traffic congestion, air pollution, energy shortage, housing shortage and shrinking land use for construction are seriously hindering the development of some cities.Only through scientific development can we effectively crack the "urban disease", prevent the "Latin American trap" and promote sustained, healthy and harmonious development of cities and urbanization.

The root cause of "urban disease" is, first of all, backward and wrong ideas.

Some people believe that urbanization is the "great urbanization", so they blindly pursue the size of cities regardless of the actual situation, and engage in the "city building movement" to build skyscrapers, resulting in waste of resources and low efficiency.Some people believe that urbanization is to develop the economy and increase GDP. Therefore, it only focuses on economic construction and ignores cultural, social and ecological construction, resulting in unbalanced urban development.Some people believe that urbanization means attaching importance to urban development and ignoring rural areas, thus "building cities like Europe and making rural areas like Africa" and adding insult to injury to the "dual structure".Some people believe that a livable city is a city with high income, so they ignore the majority of middle and low income people, and the living cost is getting higher and higher, so many migrant workers are kept out of the city, forming an abnormal situation of "the rich come in and the poor go out".Some people believe that old city reconstruction is urban reconstruction, so the large-scale demolition and construction, brutal construction, even illegal demolition, resulting in urban construction chaos and disorder, the historical context was cut off, lost due cultural taste.

The right choice is to put people first, foster a comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable outlook on urban development, and build harmonious, inclusive, livable and happy cities and towns.

We should treat the relationship between good people and nature with awe, take the road of sustainable development featuring resource conservation and environmental friendliness, improve the utilization rate of resources in urbanization and protect the ecological environment.Attention to the process of urbanization in the world, the contradiction between people and resources and environment is becoming increasingly fierce.Through system design, the concept of intensive development should be integrated into all links of town planning, construction and management, so that the consciousness of sustainable development can truly become the life consciousness of the town and be translated into our concrete actions.

We should strike a balance between urban and rural areas and between industry and agriculture in accordance with the principle of fairness, and take the road of coordinated development between industrialization, information technology, urbanization and agricultural modernization.Urbanization in the new era should not be a process of weakening agriculture, depriving farmers and squeezing the countryside, but a process of strengthening agriculture, enriching farmers and prospering the countryside.City and township lips and teeth, who can not be separated from who.We should take the city to the countryside, subsidize agriculture with industry, and promote mutual interaction and win-win progress.

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