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The task of energy saving and emission reduction in Chinas foundry industry is urgent

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The task of energy saving and emission reduction in Chinas foundry industry is urgent

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The task of energy saving and emission reduction in China's foundry industry is urgent and imperative.To promote energy saving and emission reduction in China's foundry industry should be carried out from two aspects: technological transformation and policy guidance.(1) in the technical transformation: to focus on improving the quality of the casting, the transformation of outdated equipment, promote the use of energy-saving emission reduction equipment, improve the level of the enterprise's casting technology.(2) in policy guidance: first, to accelerate industrial restructuring;Second, we should establish preferential policies to encourage foundry enterprises to increase investment in energy conservation and emission reduction.Third, we will use tax and other policies to speed up the elimination of equipment that consumes high energy and causes serious pollution.Fourth, we should raise the awareness of energy conservation and emission reduction throughout the industry and intensify law enforcement.Fifth, we should establish new industry standards for energy consumption and waste discharge in China's foundry industry.

This year, China will take energy conservation, consumption reduction and pollution control as an important measure to adjust the industrial structure and change the development mode. We will focus on promoting the evaluation of energy conservation in investment projects, guidance on energy conservation and emission reduction in key industries, industry energy efficiency standards, enterprise energy conservation management and target responsibility evaluation and assessment.MiaoWei said, the establishment of industrial energy conservation assessment and review system, fixed assets investment from the source to good new industrial projects on energy consumption entrance, inhibition of energy intensive and highly polluting industries, excessive growth of fundamental measures blindly, and department of industry and information technology to play a role in saving energy and reducing consumption in industrial important action.At present, in China, except for a few large enterprises with excellent production equipment, advanced casting technology and basically put in place environmental protection measures, most of the foundry sites have outdated production equipment and backward technology and seldom take into consideration environmental protection issues.Therefore, this is not commensurate with China's casting power status.Precision casting

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