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How can developed countries save energy and reduce emissions

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How can developed countries save energy and reduce emissions

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Germany Kunststoff company developed the biological waste gas purification equipment.The harmful gases generated in the molding process are separated from the harmful substances in the waste gas by the active oxidation of sediments and water and by the biochemical oxidation of trace organic matter.The European Union collects waste heat from factories and provides it directly to other manufacturing companies or to energy-consuming equipment in cities through joint ventures of member states.It is reported that the transformation alone will save 20 percent of the electricity, reduce carbon dioxide and harmful gas emissions 15 percent.At the same time, eu member states have improved the efficiency of heat recovery through the continuous transformation of energy-intensive equipment in industrial manufacturing and the increasing use of a combination of heating, gas and electricity generation.This greatly promotes the development, production and practical application of new technologies and equipment for waste incineration, thus improving the combustion efficiency and heat utilization efficiency of organic matter in waste and flue gas, greatly reducing the generation of harmful substances, and maximally reducing environmental pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

In 1997, the Japan iron and steel industry association organized the enterprise action plan for 2010, which proposed to reduce the energy consumption per ton of steel by 10% on the basis of 1990.At the same time, one million tons of waste plastic is consumed through blast furnace, which is equivalent to saving steel energy consumption by 2%.Using steel waste heat for district heating is equivalent to saving 1% of steel energy consumption.In terms of solid waste, the utilization rate of iron and steel slag and iron dust sludge was increased from 95% to 99% in 1990.The recycling of scrap steel shell has exceeded the 75% recycling rate stipulated by the government.Japanese steel companies widely adopt energy-saving technologies such as coke quenching and power generation, and their energy consumption per unit is the lowest in the world, only two-thirds of that of Chinese enterprises.

In a word, in order to promote energy conservation and emission reduction, developed countries such as Europe, the United States and Japan, whether implementing mandatory policies or leading policies, are based on making full use of market mechanism.At the same time, the enterprise also USES the policy positively to carry on the technical innovation, the environmental protection profession unceasingly rises and plays the important role.The significant progress in energy conservation and emission reduction in European and American countries is the result of the interaction between their government policies and market mechanisms.Precision foundry

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