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Chinas foundry industry has a long way to go

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Chinas foundry industry has a long way to go

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According to the law of market economy, the powerful precision casting enterprises can achieve the competitive economic scale through merger, reorganization and association.Small enterprises follow the path of "specialization, refinement and specialization", and set up specialized small foundries with lean personnel, flexible operation and strong strain capacity. Through cooperation and establishment of enterprise network, they establish cooperative partnership with large enterprise groups, complement each other's advantages, improve the level of social production and form their own competitive advantages.It is necessary to establish and perfect the technological innovation system with enterprises as the main body as soon as possible and accelerate the construction of technological innovation ability of enterprises.Actively promote joint development projects of production, study and research;Gradually increase investment in enterprise technology innovation, focus on the development of computer-aided design, aided manufacturing, technology and management, computer integrated manufacturing system, computer simulation technology, agile manufacturing technology, rapid response manufacturing technology, precision manufacturing technology, and other high and new technology and new material, new technology application in foundry production, with high and new technology transformation in foundry enterprise, promote enterprise technology upgrades.

Facing the fierce foreign market competition, enterprises are required to have higher market development ability.Enterprises should enhance their economic and trade awareness, be familiar with wto rules, and use the wto anti-dumping law and relevant Chinese laws and regulations to enhance their ability to protect themselves.Under the premise of guaranteeing quality, we should reduce production cost and improve product competitiveness.Foundry enterprises must implement talent strategy, people-oriented.We will formulate policies to attract and stabilize scientific and technological personnel and create conditions to attract them to work in enterprises.

To have outstanding innovation ability, not only to be able to produce, more importantly, to have their own innovative technology and innovative casting products in these areas, with advanced production technology and excellent quality.In addition, strong casting equipment and raw and auxiliary materials enterprises and casting consulting institutions support is also a strong factor in casting.In these respects, China's foundry enterprises clearly need to work harder.

There is still a big gap in the overall level of China's foundry industry, although we are starting towards the direction of a strong foundry, but there is still a long way to go, we need to take solid steps towards a strong foundry every step.No matter r & d, equipment, materials, or casting products, the quality of staff have shown that China's casting has begun to move towards the foundry power.The combination of "macro specialization" is the behavior of the whole industry at the macro level. The industrial cluster will promote the structural optimization and industrial upgrading of the foundry industry. The leading enterprises will pull the in-depth specialization and cooperation among the enterprises in the cluster.Grab it from the head.From the "mind" to change the concept, from the "source" to solve the problem, from the "beginning" to optimize the casting process, the improvement of staff quality and ability is the "source" of competitiveness.Requirements oriented.Casting industry is developing rapidly in the face of demand.

Due to the increase of casting demand in the world and the improvement of casting quality in China, more and more domestic companies choose to change from clay sand dry mold casting process to hard resin sand casting process.Compared with clay sand dry casting process, self-hardening resin sand casting process has many incomparable advantages: high dimensional accuracy, good casting surface quality, low rejection rate, wide application scope, low requirement on workers' technical level, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of workers and improves the working environment.But the shortage is the high casting cost, in order to reduce the casting cost, each casting production unit are exploring the way to reduce the casting cost.In 2002, our company launched a new self-hardening resin sand production line with an annual output of 3000 tons of cast iron. After four years of continuous exploration, we believe that to reduce the casting cost of resin sand, we can consider from the aspects of equipment, raw materials and production process.

To change the current situation, it is necessary to increase the restructuring and structural adjustment of foundry enterprises, develop specialized production, further expand the scale of advantageous enterprises, improve the level of technology and equipment;We must increase investment in science and technology, establish research and development centers of enterprises and implement the research and development system combining production, education and research to promote independent innovation.We must do a good job in protecting the environment and ensuring labor security.Energy consumption and raw material consumption must be greatly reduced;It is necessary to further train professional personnel in casting, strengthen the technical training of the staff and improve the technical and labor quality of the staff and workers in the whole industry.

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