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The distance between China foundry and international foundry industry

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The distance between China foundry and international foundry industry

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China is a great foundry country, but it is not a great foundry country.Although China's equipment casting industry occupies a considerable part of the global casting share, it has no strong independent innovation ability, let alone high-tech casting technology precision casting parts.Especially in large castings, the quality and localization of large castings have become more and more serious constraints to the development of China's equipment manufacturing industry.In many domestic major equipment localization projects, the large key casting and forging parts are all imported from abroad, and the process performance and quality requirements of domestic castings are difficult to meet, which has become a bottleneck in the development of China's major equipment manufacturing industry.

The situation in China is different from that abroad.Compared with the industrial developed countries in Europe and the United States, the high-tech research and development testing institutions are almost all concentrated in the large group companies, which makes a technology research and development complete can be applied to production in the first time.In turn, the economic support of group enterprises becomes the "backer" of research and development institutions, thus forming a virtuous circle.Moreover, the competition among different groups makes the top management of group enterprises give top priority to technical support.How to develop better technology to reduce costs and improve profits for enterprises has become the "small abacus" of senior executives.

And the technology of research and development is very difficult to be integrated in the first time.Its closed information channels, cumbersome approval procedures, and the lack of foresight of the top management of the business philosophy make the research and development technology into the enterprise production place for an unusually long time.When the technology enters the enterprise and smoothly integrates into production after quite a long run-in period, it is almost obsolete.Such a vicious circle is undoubtedly a stumbling block to the development of China's equipment casting industry and even all industries.

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